A Summer in our Chalets!

We have had so many wonderful guests this year and they wanted to share their amazing experiences and moments that they had on their holidays here in Dorset! It’s been an absolute pleasure to see so many families unwind on the farm and enjoy the beautiful countryside, we hope that more decide to spend their family holiday here next year in one of our charming, self-catering Scandinavian chalets.

Gary and his sons came to stay with us in the summer and his three sons desperately wanted to ride on a tractor. Gary managed to take some wonderful pictures of his boys in the tractor that my son Matt helped them drive. Gary’s eldest, Alex, did drive it with the help of Matt. His 2 other boys are Jack, 7yrs and Harry 4 yrs. We were able to make 3 boys very happy that day!

Take a quick look at some pictures below!

Boys in tractor 1Boys in tractor 2Boys in tractor 3


Boys in tractor 4Boys in tractor 5Boys in tractor 6


Julie came with her mother and her daughter during the summer and none of them could keep away from the farm! They came down every afternoon to help us with the calves and even nursed a very sick calf to full health! They absolutely loved the atmosphere here and when their holiday came to an end and they came to say goodbye, they all said it was their best holiday! Luckily Julie also managed to capture some beautiful photos during her stay here.

Have a look at some of them below!

Julies pics 1Julies pics 2Julies pics 3


Julies pics 4Julies pics 5Julies pics 6